Monday, 8 April 2013

Bluesky Shellac Review - Blackpool

It's no secret that gel nails are huge at the moment, and after completely destroying my nails with acrylics for years, I decided to go down the gel polish route to try and get my nails happy again. I have had them done a few times at a salon, but as I'm cheap and don't like spending a lot of money, I wanted to have a go at doing them myself and have seen a fair few good reviews of the brand Bluesky, so I bought myself a little lamp, a Bluesky base and top coat and a colour, which in this case is Blackpool.

First off let me apologise for the different nail lengths and the bad application, I did them in a bit a rush just to try them out. And I have to say, I'm more than a little bit impressed. First of all the cost for the whole lot, including the lamp, the 3 polishes and the shine wipes came to around £40. This has paid for itself in 2 applications compared to getting them done at the salon.
The thing I was concerned about was how long they would last, as normal shellac would generally last around 2 weeks, and I have to say, I need not have worried at all! I actually took this photo 3 weeks ago, and haven't done my nails since as I have been busy, but they have lasted incredibly well! I do have a few chips on them now, but for three weeks that is expected! They lasted the 14 days looking awesome and didn't chip at all in that time.
The colour is a beautiful shiny jet black. I am so so happy I've found this brand, and I will definitely be trying out more colours! Have any of you tried Bluesky? I'd love to hear your opinions :).


  1. Hello Keely.

    I have already ordered some colors but I'm wondering how many applications does each bottle last.

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