Friday, 8 March 2013

Batiste Big & Bouncy. Get massive hair!

 My first post and review is going to be quite a boring one (dry shampoos on the whole aren't the most exciting products I guess), however this has to be one of my favourite products at the moment and I'm really excited by it! It's Batiste Dry Shampoo XXL Volume - Big and Bouncy.

 First off, I absolutely adore Batiste's dry shampoos, I always buy them and love trying all the different scents. I have tried other more expensive brands, which just do not work half as well as Batiste. However, for general de-greasing and refreshing, I probably would recommend one of their other dry shampoos over this one (I personally love the Tropical scented one, the smell of coconut is incredible and actually lingers for ages, I always catch whiffs of it through the day when I use that one), but if, like me you're a fan of big, voluminous beautiful hair then I 100% recommend this product, but not to use typically as a dry shampoo.

 How I use this is more of an actual volumising spray product. For a dry shampoo, I don't feel like it 'refreshes' my hair at all, it actually feels a bit more dirty than if I had not used anything on it. It doesn't make it look greasier, but you can definitely feel that it's there.

 I spray it on, brush it out then back-comb and fluff it out with my hands, it feels quite sticky and holds really well. I find it holds better than a lot of hairsprays without giving it that shiny coating that you get from hairspray. You definitely need to brush it out before styling to get rid of the typical dry-shampoo dusty-look.

 My hair has never achieved such natural looking BIG volume as it does using hairspray or other styling products and I'm absolutely in love with this product, but as I said, not as an actual dry shampoo. It works so well at pumping up my hair that it's become an absolute staple in my hair styling routine! Go and try it out if your sceptical! It's slightly more expensive than the original one which is around £2.99 at Boots. This one is still really cheap at £3.99 and is well worth the investment! Let me know how you get on with it, I'd love to hear your opinions!