Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Back to blogging!

Hi guys, after a long break I have decided to try to start blogging again. A lot of things have changed since last time I posted so my posts are going to be slightly different this time around. For one thing I am now 23 weeks pregnant (YAY!) so I will be posting a few pregnancy/motherhood related items. I have also bought a house with my partner and become somewhat of a housewife, I do a lot of cooking and cleaning so will also be blogging about general lifestyle things, maybe the odd recipe here and there. I will still be rambling on about all the beauty related bits and bobs I get my hands on, just with a few extra lifestyle articles thrown in! 

I'm very excited to give blogging another go, and I'm still new to it all so please be patient, and I look forward to entertaining you with my posts.